Different Types of Burns

Medical professionals classify burn injuries by their severity and how much damage to the skin area and below has been done.  These burn degrees are first degree, second degree and third degree burns, which are the types most commonly seen after a fire or electrical shock of some kind.  It is important to recognize what degree of burn the victim has in order that he is treated correctly at the scene and also as information for incoming paramedics.
The first degree burn does very little damage and can be identified by a painful redness to the skin.  Only the epidermis will be affected and there will be little or no damage to the tissues below the area of burn.  It will probably be healed in a week to 10 days and leave no real scar.

A second degree burn can be identified as being different from the first by the fact that a blister develops.  This happens because the injury has gone below the epidermis and has now damaged some of the dermis. This burn degree will blanch to the touch, will be painful and moist.  The estimated recovery time is 2-3 weeks and this burn must be treated carefully as it is vulnerable to infection as more of the skin is involved.

The third of the burn degrees is the most harmful.  This burn has damaged both the layers of the skin, epidermis and dermis, and then continues into subcutaneous tissue resulting in possible injuries to musculature.  Oddly enough the victim of the third degree will not feel pain at the time of the injury.  The degree can be identified by a white look and charred skin in the injury area.  These burns have a very long recovery, often require many surgeries and are exceptionally vulnerable to infection.  The victim will likely have many hospitalizations and probably scarring after sustaining a third degree burn.

A burn victim needs medical care foremost, but then the family needs to gather the opinions and prognoses of the physicians and discuss the incident with a legal professional.  A severe burn can come at a great cost and there is often compensation available to the victims of these.  Call Attorney Robert Brenner at 1-800-669-7700 and discuss your situation with him for sound advice.

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